Esneault Contemporary Art 
Mary Esneault

Cerrillos Hills Raven   
Mixed Media Acrylic
copyrighted image
The Santa Fe Experience
"Santa Fe became a real turning point for me, not only in my life but in my art. 

While living in Santa Fe, NM, I attended the Intensive Studies Seminar  in Taos,  in 2002. I had a profound experience as I was observing the landscape. At the time I was working in pastels, which has always been my 'first love'. On that particular day I remember the exhilaration of the workshop, the activity, all 101 of us reaching within ourselves to draw out and place upon paper or canvas the image of our dreams. As I went outside to sketch I stood and looked over the plain, seeing in the distance serene hills and mesas. The clouds were buoyant and billowy as the winds of change seemed to beckon me to listen. 

It was there, gazing at this vista where earth and sky met, that I saw and felt the interconnectedness of all things. I knew I was one with the universe, that the earth and sky possessed a geometry that would draw me into its arms and sweep me towards heaven. A profound sense of warmth seemed to blanket me as I gazed at the beauty of the land. The music within my mind struck a resounding chord in my heart. I knew in that moment I was loved, deeply loved. The God of Heaven was reaching towards me so that I would know that it was His love which inspired me to see the beauty of His creation. I knew I stood within the circle of His love.

I walked away that day forever changed. Now I understood why I saw and painted things the way I do. The transcendent merging of earth and sky on that horizon would color my world forever."

M. Esneault