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As a fine artist and author, with a Master's degree in the visual arts from Purdue University and over 30+ years of professional art / art education experience, Mary Esneault has spent her life developing positive contemporary art that uplifts and empowers the heart and soul.

Esneault grew up as the child of a military Colonel. Her Air Force father's piloting career provided the family with a life of travel, filled with new sights and sounds in a constantly changing landscape of experiences. With the passing of the seasons, all things seem to intermingle, as each place on the map became another mark, another symbol, another color applied to the canvas of her life. Love for family, friends and faith has shown her how to believe that even in this perplexing world 'anything is possible'. 

"My purpose and goal is to design positive contemporary art that is vibrant, exciting and innovative. I love Chagall, Matisse, Klimt, Santa Fe culture and blue mountain vistas. Vibrant colors like orange, lime green and cobalt blue make me smile. Mixed media collages, mosaics, acrylics and pastels are my mediums of choice. I just want to make art that will touch people, that will say 'You are not alone. You are loved.' I want to empower them with images that carry a message of love, light and encouragement."   

Mary's whimsical and charming FunArt, with its fresh, young, colorful imagery seeks to inspire the viewer with words and images, while her magical contemporary FineArt with its innovative, vibrant design and fresh creative vision grasps the viewer with warmth and depth. It leads them into a world where 'anything is possible'. 
here 'anything is possible'.
Marc Chagall said, "After all, what inspires paintings, as well as color, is love. Paintings are but the reflection of our inner world..." 
(Chagall,The Art of Dreams, by Daniel Marchesseau, 1995). 

"In my FineArt I focus on intensifying one's awareness by bringing to life a magical and magnified vision of the world as I experience it, showing in detail the geometry of the land and the nuances of line, color, shape and detail that may often be overlooked by casual observation. This world, many times whimsical, deserves our attention. By focusing the lens of our eyes we can look beyond the seen to the unseen and notice what is often hidden from view. Here in this place of introspection we are able to look deeper, and in so doing, we look higher, beyond ourselves.

Now after all these years of wandering and change, Mary has finally found a place called home, a place to reflect and enjoy the creative life to its fullest. She resides in Prescott, AZ with her husband, and cat Bella. Her two adult children reside in Alaska and Colorado. She maintains a professional studio in her home while currently 'diversifying her portfolio' to include commercial art licensing. Recently she completed Music of the Land, Poems and Drawings which was inspired by her experiences while living in New Mexico.

-Master of Arts, Purdue University 1983
-Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University 1980
-Intensive Studies Seminar, 2002, Taos, NM 
 w/Fran Larsen, Skip Lawrence, Katherine Chang Liu, Alex Powers, Christopher Schink

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